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New Path, Same Feet

Being new to Sydney, I want to see and do as many different things as I can, and there are endless places to explore. But at the same time, having somewhat of a routine helps me feel more comfortable and makes the adjustment of living in a new city much easier. I have learned that it is all about finding the balance between my adventurous spirit and a regular activity that keeps me grounded.

In order for me to see as much of this city as I can while also maintaining a healthy habit, I have combined my desire to explore with my running routine. I love to run on a regular basis, so I try to go somewhere new on each run. Even if it is finding a new street, I am still getting to know my neighbourhood better and, when I have enough time, I can really find some exceptional beauty. On my runs, I have discovered three of my favourite places in Sydney: The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, The Royal Botanic Gardens (with the amazing view of the Opera House), and the Centennial Parklands.

I can not pick one favourite! They are all equally and uniquely amazing places that look beautiful at all different times of the day. They are all must see places while in Sydney and they are all FREE!

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk is about 6 kilometres along the cliff tops in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The views of the beaches, parks, rock pools, bays and cliffs are stunning. Along the way you see several beaches. If you start in Bondi Beach, the closest ocean beach to the centre of Sydney and just a bus ride away, you will see Tamarama Beach next, then Bronte Beach, Clovelly Beach and end at Coogee Beach. Most beaches offer a place to change, rest, swim and eat at one of the cafes, some even have free eclectic barbecues!


The Royal Botanic Gardens


The Royal Botanic Gardens are wonderful.  The first time I saw them, I was, indeed, running. I just stumbled upon them; it was the most breathtaking surprise! The Royal Botanic Gardens were established in 1816 and they are the oldest scientific institution in Australia as well as the home to an exceptional collection of plants from Australia and overseas. These gardens are a haven of 30 hectares in the heart Sydney. They are in a brilliant location, right along the Farm Cove at the edge of Sydney Harbour. In addition, there is a great running path along the water where you get a beautiful view of the water and Opera House.


Centennial Parklands

Centennial park

Centennial Park is also magnificent. It is a grand public park and recreation area in the heart of Sydney’s busy eastern suburbs. It is a playground for people of all ages. It opened in 1888; it is full of history as it was a grand park in the Victorian period tradition. Today is still features gardens, grand avenues, ponds, statues, sporting fields and historic buildings. Furthermore, it is one of the only inner city parks among the world that offers facilities for horseback riding.



For more info, check out:


Or go for a run or walk yourself to discover the spectacular beauty in person!


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