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Unique Things to See in Melbourne – Australia

If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, check out these unique sights that many travelers overlook.

Bin Chicken Island

Within Coburg Lake Reserve lies an island that serves as the residence for a substantial community of Australian white ibises. If you have time, seeing this spectacle of birds is a neat and exciting experience.

Eight-Hour-Day Monument

Introduced in 1856, the eight-hour day monument commemorated the struggle Victorian workers had with working 14-hour days 6 days a week. In the 1850’s a revolution for workers’ rights brought about the 8-hour workday and its accompanying monument.

Adnate Collingwood Mural

Situated at the intersection of Wellington Street and Vere Street, this mural narrates the tale of unity within the community. Additionally, it holds the distinction of being the tallest mural in the Southern Hemisphere.

St. Kilda Pier Penguin Colony

Nestled amidst the urban landscape of an Australian metropolis, St. Kilda Pier presents a remarkable treasure of a wildlife encounter, boasting a population of several thousand penguins.

The Gothic Bank

With distinctive Gothic-style architectural elements, this bank stands out as one of the world’s most magnificent operational branches. It’s known to be one of the prettiest old gothic buildings in Australia.

Princess Theatre

Originally built in 1854, the Princess Theatre is known for its beautiful architecture and haunted history. It is one of Australia’s oldest and most treasured theatres.

Polly Woodside Ship

Having sailed 1.5 million miles across the world, this illustrious ship was launched in 1885. In 2015, it served as the pirate vessel in a press release for the movie Pan.

GlowGolf Docklands

GlowGolf at the Docklands is heralded as Australia’s most extraordinary mini-golf course, offering visitors the opportunity to engage in an 18-hole game illuminated by black lights.

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