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It has long been stated (mainly by Kiwi’s) that Queenstown is THE place to go for fun, thrills and adventure travel.

Now Australia is set to change all that, with its range of heart pumping, fear inducing and in some cases tear jerking experiences.

Here is our guide to the Top Thrill Seeking experiences in the country – strap yourselves in!

Spine Tingling – The obligatory bungy jump. Put simply, it’s not a gap year unless you have done this! We recommend Cairns as your jump location, and if one is not enough then you can get an unlimited jump pass and try out the 16 different styles of bungy!!

Find out more and book here: –

Heart Racing – Skydive, and leap out of a place from over 15,000ft in the air. Not for the faint-hearted but a hell of a rush!

Find out more and book here: –

Fist Pumping – Come face to face with the world’s largest reptile, and get up close and intimate with a 5ft Crocodile! It’s called the cage of death – hopefully you will survive to tell the tale! 🙂

Find out more and book here: –

Heart Stopping – Grab your paddle and head to Tully for the best white water rafting in Australasia – yes really! No experience necessary, just don’t eat beforehand.

Find out more and book here: –

And finally just plain crazy – you can abseil off a 30 metre high rock and find out what sort of stuff you are really made of!! The Blue Mountains is a great place for novice and experienced abseiler’s alike.

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