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The MORE you give the BETTER you feel!

We all want to do things that make us feel good, and giving your time to help others has got to be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

It’s an opportunity to give yourself a high five, but most importantly you can give back.

Volunteering can help improve your confidence, meet new people, gain work experience and most important of all  –  do something meaningful… I mean, who wants to spend their working holiday just laying on the beach?

Volunteering in Australia provides some fantastic opportunities to get involved in the local community, and add something extra to your gap year. From feeding the homeless to working at events, utilize your skills to help others.

Here are a few ways to get started:–

Another option is to participate in the WWOOF program, where you work 4 hours per day on an organic farm in exchange for food and accommodation. You get rural work experience, cultural exchange and the opportunity to live with an Aussie family.

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