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Fruit Picking in Autumn

Fruit picking in Australia does not stop when the weather cools down, so here are a few tips on where the fruit picking is this Autumn.

Our citrus fruits thrive in the cool weather with the season starting April/May. For the best chance of regular work head to the Riverina area in Griffith, Sunraysia close to Mildura, Victoria and the Riverland region in South Australia.

See information below from the Harvest Trail website –

These regions specialise in oranges, mainly the winter Navel fruit with is largely destined for export, or the Valencia oranges that are harvested in the warmer months and service the juice trade as well as for fresh consumption. Parts of Queensland also have some significant citrus crops, mainly specialising in mandarins.

Winter Navels start in May or even as early as April, but the best work opportunities don’t materialise until June when the harvest starts to peak. The big advantage of citrus work is that the harvest lasts a long time and work is available almost all year with little moving around.

Typically there is not a lot of rain in NSW, SA and Victoria from May to July so the volume of fruit picking work is not adversely affected.

Be aware this type of work is not for the faint hearted! You will be climbing up and down ladders with a bag of fruit on your back. Most work of this type is paid by “piece work” which means that you will be paid by the weight of the fruit you pick, i,e a set rate per barrel or box. An employer must always let you know how much you will be paid, so ensure that you have this information before you get started.

Happy Picking!

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