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Best Camping Spots in Australia


Van 1Camping in Australia is a must that everyone has to try. When you’re camping, you are able to see so many more places and wake up to completely unbeatable views, that you never would see if you stay at a hostel or a hotel. Australia has the most beautiful and varied nature, and to take a camper van or stay in a tent to some of the places here will change your view of this country completely. Why not wake up to a stunning view over dramatic mountains, a warm beach breeze or the sounds of birds in the rain forest?

We have listed the BEST camping spots in Australia right here for you. So if you’re out on the road, or are interested in going on a trip, you should definitely stop in at one of these incredible places!

Byron Bay – Hippie Holiday


This small town is known for their amazing surf waves, hippie culture and good food. Here you can stay at one of the great camping spots and enjoy the laid back lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find spots where camping is free, but it’s totally worth spending some money here. If you really want to go hippie you should stay at Arts Factory – a typical backpacker hostel that also has a camping ground. It’s located just 10 min walk from the beach and a really good budget alternative to some of the more “glamping” options. Another place is First Sun Holiday Park, a beachfront park in the heart of Byron. For a good view you can walk up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse and watch the sunset (or sunrise). It’s unforgettable!


Fraser Island – Sand, Lakes and Dingoes


Fraser Island is located on the eastern Queensland coast, and is one of the biggest sand islands in the world. The best way of exploring the island is to go by a 4wd and drive around. The island offers you coloured sand cliffs, hikes through rainforests, meetings with native wildlife, whale-watching and swimming in freshwater lakes of all kind of different colours! The best way to stay is off course by camping, and you can choose from multiple spots to stay during the night.


Kangaroo Island – Meet the animals

Photo Credit: Sam Ross via the hammock hombre

This island is Australia’s third largest and is located in South Australia, outside Adelaide. Here you’ll find some of Australia’s best kept wildlife, including Kangaroos, Emu, Penguins, and of course more Kangaroos! To reach the island you’ll have to go on the ferry from Cape Jervis. This place is fantastic for camping, with 6 great camping grounds around the Island. Three of those we really could recommend to stop by is Emu Bay, Vivonne Bay and the American River. Emu Bay is a small town west of the main town Kingscote. It’s a popular swimming beach, with white sand and beautiful blue water. It’s also one of the few beaches where vehicles are permitted. Vivonne Bay is located on the south coast of Kangaroo Island and is probably the most popular camping ground on the island. It has all the facilities you need and holds one of the best beaches in Australia. The last spot is American River, located northwest on the Island and a perfect place if you want to go fishing and explore the beautiful scenery around Pelican Lagoon.


Cape Tribulation – Where rainforest meets reef


In Cape Tribulation you have the best opportunity to pretend to live in the jungle, and you’ll have a lot of different spots to go camping. You can either go by campervan (or pop a tent) for some of the campsites, or you can stay in some of the cool lodges in the Daintree forest to really get close to nature. Cape Tribulation is the perfect place to go on a crocodile river tour, take a rainforest walk or maybe sea kayaking. Here you have it all!


The Kimberley – Like nowhere else!

tzVmrqkThe Kimberley is the paradise of western Australia and the best way to explore the area is by camping. Here you find turquoise water, white sand, stunning lakes and endless outback. The best thing about it is that almost every campsite here is free, which means that you can choose wherever you want to stay, and you have much more freedom to explore this amazing place! Two really amazing spots should not be missed: The first one is Broome, by the coast. It’s the perfect place for sailing, fishing and to take a dip in the Indian Pacific. The other one is Purnululu National Park and Bungle Bungle Range, that is located in the eastern area of Kimberley. The nature here is quite spectacular, with beehive shaped sandstone towers and numerous secluded swimming holes that will blow your mind. The Aboriginal people have been living in the area for over 20,000 years, so you’ll also find a lot of historical rock art. Western Australia is a truly undiscovered pearl that’s perfect for camping in the wild.


Ayers Rock/Uluru – Sleep under the stars

Scenes From Uluru Still Captivating Tourists

To camp in the outback of central Australia is really something you should put on your bucketlist. Ayers Rock or Uluru is a must see if you go here, and to camp there can be a bit more expensive but so worth it. Imagine a night in a sleeping bag in the middle of nowhere and staring up at a thousand stars in the sky. If you’re lucky you’re can listen to one of the aboriginal dream stories as well! Uluru is one of the worlds greatest natural wonders and here you really get an experience and understanding for the culture and ancient history of Australia.


Sydney – Glamping


Just outside the city of Sydney on Cockatoo Island you’ll find a different way of camping – Glamping! You can either sleep in a pre-erected Safari Bow tent or bring your own tent, but we guarantee it will be a bit more luxurious than you are used to! You’ll have access to a large camping kitchen, multiple BBQ areas, your own fridge, microwave and a Zip boiling water system too! A really cool way of camping, with an unbeatable view over Sydney Harbour.


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