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Working in Australia


  • Punctuality is the key! If you are sick, give us plenty of notice to find a replacement. If you are running late for work, call the employer as a courtesy.
  • Treat every one day job like it will be a full-time job. It can happen.
  • Do NOT use mobile phone whilst you are working. You will be sent home. You are wasting your employer’s time and may cause health & safety risk. Restrict mobile phone use to your breaks only.
  • Always speak English at work for health and safety reasons.
  • Be polite to the employer and thank them for the opportunity to, they may offer you more work.


  • Wear closed toe shoes or steel cap boots if dealing with heavy loads!
  • Follow instructions!
  • Don’t be the hero – lifting something on your own doesn’t get you respect…it gets you injured!
  • Don’t wear jewellery, scarves, wristbands or anything that could get caught in machinery
  • Keep hydrated – workplaces can be hot – especially in Australia!

At Interviews

  • Do maintain eye contact with the interviewer
  • Don’t cross your arms on the interview- it looks defensive
  • Do turn your body to face the person that is asking you a question, especially if there are two people
  • Don’t slouch in the chair
  • Do turn off your mobile phone
  • Don’t look out the window or around the room- you will appear bored
  • Do sit upright


  • Don’t apply for full time jobs!
  • Don’t apply for permanent jobs!
  • Always apply for casual/vacation or temporary/ contract jobs

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