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Customer Waiver for 35-Day East Coast Australia Tour

I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to participate in the 35-day East Coast Australia Tour organised by Meet Me. I understand that this tour is semi-guided, with a local activity leaders in each location providing local tips and suggestions, but I am choosing to partake in any activities.

I acknowledge and understand that I have been made aware of the following potential risks:

  • Beach Safety: I have been made aware of the potential risks associated with beach activities, including strong currents, rough surf, and changing tides. I agree to exercise caution at all times.
  • Wildlife Safety: I understand that Australia is home to a diverse range of wildlife, some of which may pose risks if approached or provoked. I agree to observe wildlife from a safe distance and not to feed or disturb them.
  • National Park Safety: I acknowledge that national parks may have rugged terrain, wildlife hazards, and limited facilities. I agree to stay on designated paths, follow park rules, and carry out all rubbish.
  • Road and Pedestrian Safety: I understand that road and pedestrian safety are important during the tour. I agree to obey traffic laws, use designated crosswalks, and be aware of my surroundings when walking or crossing roads.
  • Nights Out Safety: I understand that nights out are optional and may involve alcohol consumption and social activities. While the tour will go to venues that provide alcohol, consumption is my own choice. If I choose to participate, I agree to drink responsibly and be mindful of my surroundings. Alcohol consumption will be part of the venues’ standard Responsible Sale of Alcohol policy.
  • Third-Party Transport and Tours: I acknowledge that the tour may include third-party transport and tours. I agree to comply with the terms and conditions set by these providers and understand that Meet Me is not liable for any issues arising from these services.
  • Timekeeping Responsibility: I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own timekeeping and punctuality. If I miss any transport or activities due to my own actions or negligence, I accept that it is my responsibility and that Meet Me is not liable for any consequences.
  • Behavioural Responsibility: I understand that I am responsible for my own behaviour throughout the tour. I agree to conduct myself in a respectful and appropriate manner, refraining from any actions that may endanger myself, others, or the environment.
  • Travel Insurance Requirement: I understand that travel insurance is compulsory for participation in the tour. I have purchased travel insurance coverage for the duration of the tour.

I have read this waiver and fully understand its terms. I understand that by signing this waiver, I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue. I voluntarily agree to be bound by its terms.

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