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Have you created your CV and are ready to work? Let us know by submitting your CV below! The WTC team will have a look over your CV, make sure it’s up to Australian standards and get back to you with suggestions and things to work on. We want your CV to stand out to Aussie employers! If you haven’t yet created an Aussie CV, have a look at our CV example and template.

By submitting your CV and selecting your availability as well as your availability location below, you’re added to the applicable job availability list. This means, you will receive updates on any upcoming jobs in your area via email. Make sure to turn on your email notification so that you don’t miss out on any incoming job opportunities!

Additionally to adding your name to the job availability list, we recommend searching for jobs via the WTC Job Board (these are different jobs to the ones available via the Job Agency). And don’t forget you can always reach out to us so we can assist you on your job hunt!

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