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If you have any problems while you are in Australia, simply contact the team at the office, they are there to help! Outside office hours, we have a 24 hour Emergency Number so you can call someone if an urgent situation arises. If you have any questions about any WTC services, please let us know so we can help you.

24-hour Toll Free Emergency Contact – 1800 890980


It is important to always keep your important documents with you at all times. Do not leave money, your passport or plane tickets anywhere, and never leave your things unattended. By keeping yourself and your property organised you will prevent items from being stolen. In short, we would say: relax, but don’t be complacent. For example, don’t leave your camera lying around at the hostel. Do not carry large amounts of cash – if this gets lost or stolen you cannot claim it on your travel insurance. Money belts are great to keep everything important to you together and out of sight.

Note: The only place where it is standard practice to leave your passport is at check in at some hostels and hotels (they may ask you to leave it for security. This is quite safe to do). In any other situations, NEVER give your passport as a deposit.

What if your visa or passport gets lost in Australia or New Zealand?

If you lose your passport when in Australia or New Zealand please follow these steps:

  • Report the theft or loss to the police and get an incident report
  • Take your report to your national Embassy and apply for a new passport (ask the team at the office for help)

It is always wise to have a copy of your passport, the pages with your personal details as well as the page with your visa. Always leave a copy at home.

Theft of other possessions

If your belongings (such as your camera or clothing or even your entire backpack) get stolen, always report it to the police immediately. If you do not do this, the insurance company will not process your claim. It is always a good idea to contact the insurance company directly for information on how to file a claim. Again, remember to contact the team as soon as possible for help too.


When you are away from your country, your friends and family and all the familiar things that you are used to, it is very natural that you will experience homesickness now and again. Don’t worry – it happens to a lot of people! If you are feeling sad and need someone to talk to, the team will be there for you.

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