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Harvesting Supervisor – Lower Tenthill

In this role, you will be expected to:
• Lead a team of harvesters on a harvest aid
• Load trucks with pallets of produce
• Train and supervise new cutters
• Reach harvesting rate expectations while maintaining cutting quality
• Work with managers on orders and available crops

Experience and skills required include:
• Experience cutting leafy vegetables (iceberg lettuce, wombok, etc) or other related crops
• Experience leading a team of harvesters, including training new cutters
• Loading trucks
• Carry out tasks in a safe manner and promote a safe work culture

Other favourable skills and qualifications include:
•  Forklift licence

This is ongoing work (12 months) and not suitable for WHM or 88 days visa requirements. You will need your own accommodation in Gatton or surrounding areas and have your own transport.

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