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Full-Time Farmyard Zoo Worker – Haumoana, Hawke’s Bay

Full time Work Available
(approx. 40 hrs week.) 9am-5pm. Sunday to Thursday.
Duties include setting up the zoo, feeding and cleaning, customer service, taking pony rides, Gardening & other general duties around the zoo.

Attributes we are looking for are:
* Equestrian skills-This position does not involve riding but you must have experience with horses.
* Physically Fit: this is a physically demanding job as you are on your feet most of the day!
* Personnel Skills: Able to interact well with the public and other staff.
* Currant drivers Licence
* Good time management skills- able to get tasks done within a set timeframe.
* Mature enough to be left in sole charge of the daily running of the zoo and other staff.

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