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Field Worker – Cromwell, Otago

We are looking for someone to fill our summer seasonal positions as support staff for our busy commercial honey operation. We manage 5000 hives across Central Otago and the West Coast, and applicants need to have experience in apiculture, be capable of lifting heavy loads, working long days, and maintaining a cheerful disposition and team attitude. The position of Field Worker involves feeding hives, checking for disease, moving hives onto and off orchards for pollination, maintaining hives, harvesting and extraction of honey and beeswax, hive splitting and requeening of hives. Start dates are mid September 2024 to mid April 2025. Location: Cromwell, with field work being carried out in the Central Otago and West Coast regions (you will only need to arrange transport to the Honey Plant in Cromwell). Hourly Rate: from $25-$28 Hours: Minimum 30 hours per week, maximum 42.5 per week.

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