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Insurance Claims

Please Note: If you are booking emergency flights due to bereavement please make sure that you contact the insurance company before making any flight changes in order to ensure that the flights are covered.

Making an Insurance Claim

**Generally it is best if you contact your Insurance Company in the first instance, but if further details are required, here is information on how to make a claim.

Contact the relevant insurance company to get the claim started. Depending on the urgency of your claim you can generally email or telephone the insurance company. The contact details can be found on your Travel Insurance Policy, which should have been received from the Travel Organizer in your home country. Most travel insurance companies have a 24hr hour toll free number, which can be called so serious matters (normally medical) can be dealt with as quickly as possible. This helps to speed up the process. You may be given a claim reference number so we can advise you to make a record of this number for future reference.

Documentation: Make sure you keep any receipts, letters or reports for everything that has been affected by the circumstance. If you have to see a Doctor, make sure that you get a receipt for any money paid (this includes medications). If something has been stolen or damaged it is important to make sure that it can be proved that you owned these items (receipts or bank statements may be required). The theft needs to be reported to the police within 24 hours of the event happening. This report will need to be included with the travel insurance claim.

Claim Form: The claim form is required to be able to make a claim and will need to be filled out with all your personal details and information about the claim.  If you do not have a claim form you may be required to fill out a form on the insurance company website. The details for this will be with the insurance policy.

Photocopying: Claims can only be processed using original receipts. If you are posting the original receipts, it is important to photocopy every receipt and retain it for future reference e.g if receipts go missing in the post. All forms, receipts, reports and letters should be photocopied so that you have a record of your claim at all times.

Sending the documents: Once all the relevant details have been photocopied, the original copies must be sent to the travel insurance company. Insurance companies will not accept photocopies so the originals must be sent. It is a good idea to register this mail with the postal company in case there are problems with lost mail. Be sure to write a short cover letter, explaining the circumstance of the claim and all of your relevant contact details e.g mobile number, email address, postal address in Australia and abroad.

Response times: Most insurance companies will respond within a month of the documents being sent. If you have not heard back from your insurance company, it is advised that you call or email to make sure that your claim is being processed.

If you need further assistance, you can always contact us via email ([email protected])

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