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What To Do If You Become ill

Unless you are seriously ill, please visit a Doctor or Medical Centre, NOT a hospital.

If you are covered by Medicare in Australia:

(United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Malta, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia and the Republic of Ireland)

It is best to visit a Doctor which offers “Bulk Billing”. This means that you are less likely to pay any upfront fees for your visit. If you are covered by Medicare and visit a Doctor that does not offer “Bulk Billing” then you will need to pay for your visit upfront and then get it refunded at a later date. Make sure that you keep your receipts in order to reclaim the money back from Medicare.

If you are not covered by Medicare in Australia:

Then it is extremely important that you have travel insurance. Generally, when you see the Doctor you will pay upfront and then claim through your travel insurance. So make sure you keep all your receipts and documentation for insurance purposes.

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