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Open Your Bank Account (do this before you leave home!)

Follow the instructions below to open your bank account – you MUST do this before you leave home if you want to take advantage of no monthly fees on your account for 12 months

Australia – Commonwealth Bank

1. Follow this link: to open the application in a new window

2. Choose your Account type as “Open Smart Access

3. To get started, click “OK

4. Complete questions about YOU:

a. Enter the expected date you will arrive in Australia

b. Enter your full name

c. Date of birth

d. Preferred language, email address & current mobile number (Make sure you update this on your profile to an Australian mobile number when you arrive)

e. Current overseas address

f. Any other details requested about you (e.g. occupation, salary expectations)

Please note that you will be required to provide your  National Insurance Number or equivalent when applying for your bank account online. If you do not complete the bank account set up online, you will need to provide this information to the bank in Australia.

5. Choose the Bank location:

If arriving in Sydney:

a. “NSW” and then


If arriving in Melbourne:

a. “VIC” and then


*You can pick up your Bank Card from this branch when it is ready

*You can still visit any Commonwealth Bank branch for help

6. Choose your internet banking PASSWORD

7. Wait (your account is being opened)

8. Your bank account is open! Read & Print your Welcome letter & Account Details

Your bank card should be ready to collect from the bank in 5 working days.
Please take your PASSPORT with you when you go and collect your bank card, as you will need to show proof of ID.

NZ Bank Account

Open your FEE FREE ANZ “GO” Bank Account NOW:-

1.  Go to this link here
2.  Follow the prompts and provide all information requested – the application process takes approx 5 mins only.

For preferred ANZ Branch: select Auckland
For Contact Number: use your home country mobile number including country code for example 49XXX, 44XXX or 1XXX (you can update this later to your NZ number)
For Visa Category: select Working Holiday
For NZ Address: add the WTC office address (Level 2 / 10 High Street, Auckland).

Once you have completed the application you will receive another form from the bank called KYC Questions (please check your junk mail if you haven’t received this within 4 days). This form needs to be completed within 5 days otherwise you will need to start the process from the beginning. The suggested answers to the questions are:

Purpose of  Account – everyday personal banking

Monthly amount of deposits and withdrawals – $500-$3000 or other amounts

Do you expect to make regular cash deposits – this would generally be NO (as employers typically don’t pay cash).

Will you be receiving overseas payments:-
Receiving Yes
Purpose Transfer to own Account
Sending No

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