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Arrival Checklist

See below a useful checklist of things to do once you have arrived in Australia / New Zealand

1. Put your new Lebara (AU) / Vodafone (NZ) SIM card into your smart phone to check it is working (see a WTC staff member if you need any assistance)

2. Provide your bank details to a WTC staff member OR email us on [email protected] (AU) / [email protected] (NZ)

3. Talk to a WTC staff member if you are looking for work – they can also help you to review and update your CV

4. Sign up for Medicare if eligible (AU customers only) – for more information check this link

5. Like our Facebook page and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram here Instagram page (AU) or here Instagram page (NZ) and to keep up to date with the latest job offers, travel deals and all sorts of other useful information

6. Talk to our Travel desk for the best deals on tours, trips and experiences in Sydney / Auckland and all over around Australia and NZ!

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