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2nd & 3rd Working Holiday Visa Information

You’ve come to Australia, on a Working Holiday visa and you’ve decided you want to spend an extra 12 months down under. What now?

An 88 days eligible job in Australia refers to work that qualifies participants for a second or third year visa under the Working Holiday visa program. To be eligible, the work must be in specified industries, typically agriculture, farming, fishing, mining, or construction, in designated regional areas of Australia. Completing 88 days of specified work within these industries and areas allows participants to extend their Working Holiday visa for an additional year.

Rules & Regulations

To stay updated on the ever-changing immigration rules and regulations regarding second and third visas in Australia, you can check the official website of the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. They provide up-to-date information on visa requirements, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and any changes to immigration policies.

How to find eligible Work

We have put together an exclusive member guide on ALL THINGS 2ND YEAR VISA WORK which you can download below. Find out about:

  • Types of work
  • Work Clothing
  • Where to find Farm Work / eligible Hospitality or Tourism Work
  • All things Fruit Picking: types, seasons, locations & more
  • Working Hostels across all of Australia including contact details so you can go ahead an apply!
  • How to get to regional and remote areas
  • & more

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