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2nd Working Holiday Visa Information

462 and 417 visa holders are eligible to apply for a 2nd working holiday visa. To do this, you need to have undertaken work for a minimum of 3 months (88 days in total) in a specified field or industry in a designated area of regional Australia. Work includes: Fruit picking, working with animals, fishing, pearling, mining and construction work.

Please note is very rare to find a well-paid fruit picking job as weather, season, competition for work and quality of crop can affect how much work you get offered. It can sometimes take 4-6 months to get your regional work completed if you cannot find an ongoing three month job.  It is for this reason that you may wish to consider other types of work such as working with animals (cattle, sheep, alpacas, pigs, horses etc), pearling, construction, tree farming, mining or fishing.

Consider Jackaroo/Jillaroo schools that can either guarantee work or give you hundreds of farming contacts on completion of the training. Visit the WTC travel desk for details of how to book a training course, prices etc. or email [email protected]

Apply online for jobs by searching for ‘pastoral’, ‘dairy’, ‘cattle’, ‘farm hand’, ‘horses’, ‘jillaroo/jackaroo’ on Google, Gumtree or other local directories. You will then find websites like this:

You may wish to try Yellow Pages. Click here for an example:


Fishing is also considered as regional work if in the correct postcode. A few WTC members have found jobs through this company:

Where can you find pearling work in Australia?

(Pearling is the farming of oysters for pearls and associated products)

Broome, Western Australia is a favourite destination for backpackers looking for pearling work. It is a top tourist destination and has super weather around the peak harvest time too!

Use Caution When Searching for Farm Work

Work and Travel Company (WTC) endeavours to ensure all job listings on our sites and in our resources are legitimate employment opportunities, but we urge all WTC members to investigate each opportunity carefully before committing to travel to and work with the employers listed. Our sole aim is to list ONLY genuine backpacker and traveller specific job opportunities and to get our members working all over Australia.

By using our resources, including Member’s Portal and Job Board, all WTC Members acknowledge that WTC cannot be held directly responsible for work conditions, payments / wages or any other terms of employment offered by the independent employers advertising positions. This value-add service is designed to help you find work – but we recommend that you perform all necessary checks and research when assessing the suitability of a specific job before you apply.

If you are unsure about the validity of a job or employer listing please email us immediately (providing a link to the job in question) at [email protected] and we will investigate and further screen the employer / job on your behalf.

Good Luck and Happy Job Hunting!!

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